Travel to Esperance


Travel to Esperance

Travel to Esperance, south from Kalgoorlie is approx 400 kilometres (or 250 miles). Traveling south east from Perth is approx 720 kilometers (or 450 miles). The Shire’s total land area 42,450 km2, with approx. 5,900 km2 National Parks and Reserves. The current population is between 14,500-15,000, and three-quarters reside in the town of Esperance.

Travel to Esperance By Air

Regional Express (Rex)  operate daily direct flights to and from Perth. For bookings call 13 17 13 or book online at

Comfort Inn Bay of Isles can arrange airport transfers if required.

Travel to Esperance By Bus:

TRANSWA operate services between Perth and Esperance, Kalgoorlie and Esperance and also Albany and Esperance. For timetables and bookings call 1300 66 22 05 or visit their web site at

Travel to Esperance By Car:

Esperance is approximately 7½ hours drive from Perth, 4 hours from Kalgoorlie and 5 hours from Albany. Esperance Things to Do Esperance Photo Gallery