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Esperance Things to Do -Twilight Beach Esperance WA

Esperance History

Esperance is a beautiful coastal town with stunning views of the Recherche Archipelago (or Bay of Isles). The Indigenous Aboriginal people, called the place where Esperance now stands, Kepa Kurl.  This means “where the water lies like a boomerang”, and accurately describes the shape of the Bay coastline.

The town Esperance was named by the French in 1792. Its took its name from a French visiting ship whose name was Espérance, which means Hope. The town remained unsettled by white settlers, however, until 1863, when the Dempster brothers arrived n the Esperance region.

In the 1960’s an American syndicate took up a large parcel of land and developed it for agriculture, and today, the Esperance Region is still a large agricultural producer. The growing economy is supported by other industries including tourism and fishing.

If you are new to town, one of the best Esperance things to do, would be to visit the Esperance Museum. Just 2 minutes from the Bay of Isles Motel, the Museum contains a wealth of historical memorabilia, including the famous Skylab fragments that dropped from the sky on July 12th 1979. A wonderful video is continually screened showing how the town site and people have changed over the past century.

Explore Esperance

A great way to get started is to take the scenic drive from the town centre.  The 38km tourist loop called the Great Ocean Drive, takes in all the beautiful surfing and fishing beaches, the wind farm and the Pink Lake. If you love exercise, a walking / cycling track now runs adjacent to the drive up as far as Twilight Beach.

Twilight Beach is only a short drive away from the Bay of Isles Motel. Its white sand and unbelievably clear turquoise water, creating a beautiful vista and perfect swimming conditions.

For nature lovers, and a unique Esperance Experience, take a trip to Woody Island, with a wealth of things to see and do, explore Woody Island which is just 15km off the coast of Esperance in the Recherche Archipelago, also known as the Bay of Isles. Woody Island Eco Tours will transport you to this wilderness island, where history, wildlife, scenery and aquatic adventure abound.    

Another of the great Esperance thing to do, is to take the scenic 40-minute drive east of Esperance that brings you to Cape Le Grande National Park, and Lucky Bay, Australia’s whitest beach. This is one of Western Australia’s biggest jewel in a string of stunning beaches along the coast of Cape Le Grand National Park and Esperance.

Take a scenic flight over Lake Hillier, a magnificent bright pink lake located on Middle Island. Operated by Goldfields Air Services, bookings can be made by clicking here.

Its ‘squeaky-clean’ sand, turquoise water provide perfect swimming conditions and breathtaking views of the Recherche Archipelago, regularly put it at the top of Australia’s best beach list. Even the kangaroos lazing on the beaches agree, its one of the Esperance things to do.

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